SmartLight Analytics grew out of a desire to take meaningful action on rising healthcare costs

In August 2016, SmartLight Analytics was founded out of a desire to help employers deal with the rising cost of healthcare and make an impact that would not only help big companies but thousands of their employees as well.

Employee healthcare costs are expected to top $15,000 per employee in 2020, according to research from the National Business Group on Health.

SmartLight Analytics is focused solely on reducing year-over-year medical spend for self-funded employers. Founder and CEO Asha George headed up the Payment Integrity departments inside various large insurance carriers for decades before forming SmartLight Analytics. SmartLight was created because she saw the need for more independent, pro-active intervention in reducing unnecessary healthcare spend. 

“The American healthcare system has become increasingly more elaborate and difficult to navigate over the past several decades. Within this environment of complexity and rising costs, over 95% of employers are now funding their own employees’ healthcare,” George explained, adding that industry experts estimate billions of dollars are leaking out of the system with no measurable improvement in patient health.

To significantly reduce this waste, SmartLight Analytics, LLC was formed by a group of industry insiders including George and her co-founder: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Franklin Baumman, a surgeon who spent 11 years as a medical director for UnitedHealthcare, the largest insurance carrier in the country.  

“We wanted to make a meaningful impact on the rising cost of healthcare,” George said.

With this end in mind, SmartLight uses statistical, clinical, and claims expertise to deliver the most complete cost reduction solution directly to the actual stakeholders – self-funded employers. Since processing claims is outside the core competency of most employers, patterns of error often go unnoticed and result in the unnecessary spend of health plan dollars. SmartLight delivers a low-touch, high-impact solution to self-funded employers.

Other organizations with the similar vision of reducing commercial healthcare costs, are primarily using member pricing transparency tools, allowing members access to pricing options for specific services. Whereas SmartLight is a comprehensive solution that works on identifying and resolving issues directly from the client’s plan funds, George explained. “SmartLight identifies wastes, coordinates with the employer’s claims administrator to prevent future waste and, most importantly, ensures that offsets and denials are credited back to the health plan.”

“I’m passionate about making a meaningful impact in this space,” George said. “Insurance carriers, in the role of third-party administrators, do their best to manage the waste in the system while processing claims, but we have, without exception, reduced spend by an additional 3-5% for our customers. We use statistical, clinical and data expertise developed over decades of experience to deliver the most effective cost-reduction solution available in the market, customized to your unique population.”