The SmartLight solution results in a significantly more efficient health and wellness program for self-funded employers

The American healthcare system has become increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. Employers are spending more each year to provide healthcare coverage for employees and taking on more financial risk.

SmartLight Analytics works with plan administrators, delivering non-disruptive, high-impact clinical review and data analysis to find significant savings for self-funded employers’ healthcare benefit costs.


The SmartLight team has the critical experience required for effective assessment with decades of work navigating the most complex healthcare databases in the U.S.

Clinical Expertise

SmartLight’s clinical experts – including board certified physicians - provide a complete picture of medically appropriate care and clinical relevance.

Statistical Expertise

Our veteran team applies dynamic inferential analytics to deliver the most complete savings.

Claims Proficiency

Working alongside claims administrators, SmartLight developed a proven solution that substantially reduces waste and errors.

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Smarter Methodology = Superior Results

SmartLight individualizes the approach to your company’s claims data because each employee population is unique.

SmartLight understands that complete methodologies not only maximize the identified waste but also create high-confidence, true positive findings that compel participants into action.

SmartLight methods consistently produce the highest savings by multiplying the power of data and clinical expertise with inferential analytics.

Our Testimonials

SmartLight Analytics serves a very unique niche. Waste in healthcare accounts for a significant cross section of healthcare costs. When you factor in fraud and abuse, it is significant to the bottom line. Unless you have a proprietary system with methodologies in place to analyze claims from a clinical standpoint and using analytical data, that waste is dollars out of our employees' wallets and our corporate coffers.

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